5947 Historic Oak, Planked (HO)

The intelligent floor solution – Durable, hard-wearing, antistatic.
Indulge your taste for first-class living with Titan Prestige. Combining exquisite looks with a unique surface quality and superior protection against static shocks, Titan Prestige offers you a pleasing palette of strong 14 mm panels in 157 mm width with an Authentic Embossed or even Handscraped Finish. It gives you the opportunity to express your distinctive sense of style, at home or in the office.

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Product Features

  • Plank Size: 1,285 x 157 x 14 mm
  • Guaranteed for 30 years
    Guaranteed for 30 years – guarantee
  • Aquastop 14 mm
  • AC5
  • Synchronous look
    Authentic embossed gives your floor a natural look and feel
  • 4 sided V-groove
  • Microscratch Protect
    This especially durable surface will protect your floors even better against microscratches which can occur through heavy use.
  • Eco Friendly
  • A.B.C. Anti-Bacterial Coating
    Krono Original® A.B.C. Anti Bacterial Coating, an anti-bacterial coating inhibits the growth of bacteria and creates peace of mind due to clean environment. (Tested germs: Staphylococcus aureus)
  • 1clic 2go pure
    Simple laying with the 1clic 2go pure System
  • Anti-static
    Guaranteed Anti-Static
    We’ve all experienced static at some stage and it’s pretty unpleasant. No doubt a ‘shock’ has caused you some discomfort when touching a door handle or using an electrical appliance in your home, so you’ll be pleased to hear that help is at hand. Krono Original® Anti-Static floors provide complete protection against unpleasant shocks. The Anti-Static is built-in and guaranteed for the life of the floor. In addition, these floors do not attract dust and dirt in the conventional way and are therefore incredibly easy to keep clean.
  • Class 23
    For heavy usage in domestic areas
  • Class 33
    For intense usage in commercial areas
  • VOC A+
    Highest Indoor Air Quality according to VOC A+, a statement on level of emission of volatile substances in indoor air posing a toxic threat during inhaling – on a scale from A+ (very low-emission) to C (high-emission). Detailed information: www.eurofins.com/france-voc